A Year of Midday Musings!

Happy New Year! Somehow without even realizing, I’ve reached an important milestone — a year of blogging!

I admit that my posts haven’t always been that regular, but this year I’m hoping to be a bit more consistent.  Despite this blog’s name, I rarely post at midday, but then again, it’s midday somewhere in the world, right?

So, what have I achieved in the past year? Upon reflection, it’s been a big year. In 2013 I:

  • Started a part-time vegetarian diet (no small feat for a complete carnivore)
  • Convinced Mr Midday Musings to join me in veggie-increasing ways
  • Climbed a waterfall
  • Went on a multi-night sea kayaking camping trip
  • Swung into a lake on a rope
Ok that’s not me. But I did it too!
  • Partied for 4 days in a canyon
  • Made new friends
  • Said goodbye to old friends returning home
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving twice
  • Completed (multiple!) art projects
  • Killed at least three plants
  • Kept more than five plants alive
  • Got engaged
  • Danced in the Vegas Strip at midnight on New Year’s
The blurriness of this shot probably sums up the night
The blurriness of this shot probably sums up the night
  • Skied at Whistler, Cypress, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Mt Baker and Revelstoke



  • Watched the northern lights


  • Played with husky puppies in the Yukon
Puppy cam
Puppy cam
  • Decided I truly do not enjoy downhill mountain biking
  • Realized I do very much enjoy cross-country mountain biking
  • Hiked The Chief, Grouse Grind, and Joffre Lakes
  • Discovered the beauty of the Northern Cascades at sunset
Not quite sunset, but stunning all the same
Not quite sunset, but stunning all the same
  • Basked in the heat of Washington wine country
  • Finally finished watching Entourage
  • Indulged in a limited number of Netflix binges —Arrested Development and Orange in the New Black, in particular
  • Tried trapeze in the desert
  • Felt awed by the Grand Canyon in the fog, at sunrise, and in blazing daylight
Dan living dangerously
Dan living dangerously
  • Saw a coyote in the wild
  • Marvelled over rock formations in Sedona
  • Explored markets on Salt Spring Island
  • Spotted a bear at Whistler
  • Biked between beer and food stops in Pemberton
  • Gazed at Multnomah Falls
  • Cruised breweries in Portland and Fort Collins
  • Had second row seats at a hockey game!
The view from the lower bowl!
The view from the lower bowl!
  • Enjoyed (multiple) BBQs on the beach
  • Shot a gun — actually, more than one. Specifically, a handgun, an uzi, and a shotgun.


  • Ate the deepest dish of pizza “pie” I’ve ever seen
  • Learnt to paddleboard
  • Laughed til I nearly cried at Vancouver Fringe Festival
  • Nearly beat Mr Midday Musings at Pitch’n’Putt
  • Sampled from about 10 different food carts
  • Discovered the extreme deliciousness of a butter tart
  • Explored the two “Sunshine Coasts” — in BC and Qld, Australia!
  • Felt stunned by the beauty of west coast sunsets


  • Became grateful for all the truly wonderful, helpful, and friendly people we’ve met in North America. Seriously, Canadians and Americans — you guys are awesome.

4 thoughts on “A Year of Midday Musings!

    1. Thanks! It’s been quite the whirlwind year – I’m very much looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store. All the best for you this year too!

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