Seasons of Change


Fall is a relatively new concept for me. Growing up in Brisbane, the change of season was marked by singing “a pinch and a punch” and receiving a few bruises, but otherwise, the relatively temperate weather simply continued, although autumn did provide a brief relief from the oppressive stickiness of February. 

Here in Canada, the seasons are the “right way round” — at least, according to pretty much every TV show, movie, or book that I ever grew up with. It’s funny how much more certain traditions make sense in the northern hemisphere. Easter = spring = new life. Autumn = fall = cool change, golden and red leaves, crunchy leaf litter on the ground.

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with Aussie friends in Ontario, where we also made the most of the unseasonably warm weather to visit local spots that really showed off the beautiful deciduous trees in full change. October must be one of my favourite months here — and that’s saying something coming from a self-professed summer worshipper! But I love Thanksgiving. It’s an opportunity to be grateful for what you have, spend time with family (or adopted family!) and feast, without the pressure of gift-giving. Then later this month is Halloween, which has been made spookier this week by the heavy layer of fog blanketing Vancouver.

Just waiting to be carved for Halloween!

What can I say? Maybe these activities are just designed to make us forget how wonderful summer was. Or maybe it’s a reminder that change can be good, even when it is unexpected. Happy Fall!

Grateful for Thanksgiving with good friends!

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