Spring Break: 5 Days in Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

This photo of Cabo San Lucas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We’re back from a quick break in sunny Mexico… and now I just want to go back!

Mr Midday Musings and I decided to head south for an extended Easter break — completely forgetting that Easter is pretty much Mexico’s biggest holiday. So yes, it was busy. And yes, it coincided with some US Spring Break parties. And yes, it wasn’t exactly a cultural adventure — we sat on the beach, went for walks, snorkelled, and chilled out in the sun. And  honestly? It was absolutely amazing.

Being the pale-skinned one in our duo, I managed to fry to a crisp on our first full day, which meant lots of time under beach umbrellas for the rest of our stay. It’s always been a bit of a cruel joke of nature that I love being outside but the outdoors doesn’t seem to like me much — my skin is super dry in winter and burns bright red in summer. As a result, five days on a beach is probably enough for me!

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort down the quieter end of Medano Beach, wandering up on our first evening to witness the crazy beach parties of Spring Breakers and then later exploring the Marina and the spectacular public beaches (including Lover’s Beach) at the southern tip of Baja Peninsula. Because of the holidays, the Mexican authorities had banned boats from landing on these beaches, which meant once you got past the hordes of local families at the easily accessible beaches, the southern ones were much quieter. We packed snorkelling gear and enjoyed the relative seclusion, turquoise waters, and varied sea life  — we even swam with a sea lion beneath us and also spotted a sting ray, parrot fish, and plenty of other colourful fish. My only complaint? The water was actually a fair bit colder than I expected! I guess it’s the Pacific Ocean, not the Caribbean, but it was still a bit of a surprise!

Hiring a sailboat and cruising out to Santa Maria was another highlight. It’s worth haggling for a better price if you can too — we actually only had $40 each on us and the price was supposed to be $59 pp, but they still let us on! Included food, drinks (and lots of them!) and a stunning day out on the Sea of Cortez — definitely worth it.

Only one month until we start our big adventure through the US and Central America… lots to organise, but it’s starting to feel real! Tips and recommendations welcome in the comments below 🙂




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