Falling for a New Season


We’ve been back in rainy Vancouver for over a week now and despite only enjoying one day of sunshine so far, I’ve (mostly) managed to avoid the dreaded post-holiday blues — all thanks to the wonders of fall.

In Australia — particularly in subtropical Brisbane — I never understood autumn’s appeal. Here, even though expats from the East scoff at BC’s foliage, it’s a different story. You can really sit back and watch the seasons change. Right now every street is littered with a carpet of yellow, red, and purple hues, while evil or or mischievious pumpkins mysteriously turn up on windowsills and porches, and you can catch whiffs of cinnamon and pumpkin spice that escape the warm cafes and homes throughout the city. Yes, even in this rainy town, I love fall.


After venturing out to the very muddy Richmond Country Farms last weekend to pick our own pumpkins, last night Mr Midday Musings and I tried our hands at carving. I think we managed to get decidedly spookier than last year, even if my pumpkin is much goofier looking than Dan’s scary skeleton!


The other big highlight this month is the return of comfort food. There’s no better way  to embrace cool and soggy weather with hearty soups, stews, and desserts. After whipping up pumpkin pie, veggie hot pots, and stews all week, I think I’m finally ready to say goodbye to our long summer holiday. Now I just have to decide what to wear for Halloween!


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