Cenotes and the City in Mexico

Adios Mexico! We’re now in Belize after soaking up the sun (and ok, some rain — it is the wet season) in beautiful Mexico. Even though I’m excited to explore more of Central America, I wish I had more time here.

From the bustling, exciting metropolis of Mexico City to ancient ruins and beautiful coastline of the Yucatan peninsula, there is a ridiculous amount to see in Mexico.
Views over sprawling Mexico City


Aztec stone “calendar” at Museum of Anthropology
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Teotihuacan ruins outside Mexico City
Mexico City has a dangerous reputation but honestly, I felt safer there than I did in many US cities. This could be because of the strong police presence in the Centro Historica zone, but even lively Condesa neighborhood and the giant parks and open spaces throughout the city weren’t a problem. Instead, we found a fun, lively, and beautifully slanted historic city  (it’s built on landfill) — complete with ancient ruins and amazing food.
On the coast, the tropical oasis of Isla Mujeres was still pretty touristy, but it gave us an opportunity to take in the perfect blue sea of the Caribbean without the craziness of Cancun. Lazing on the pristine white beach was fun, but swimming with whale sharks was a real highlight.
Tulum was probably my favourite stop. We visited the ruins at 8am and had the whole place to ourselves — including the beautiful beach. Even an hour later, the place was crawling with sightseers, so it was worth getting up early!
We spent a lot of time in the water at Tulum — from snorkelling with sea turtles to exploring the crystal clear waters of Casa Cenote, Dos Ojos, and Grand Cenote, this really is a special place.
Adios Mexico! Hopefully we’ll meet again.

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