Beauty at Baker

Looming large over the city skyline, Washington’s Mt. Baker is a constant presence for Vancouverites — yet it seems as though few residents ever actually make the trek there.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to join some friends on what has to be one of the mountain’s most spectacular hikes, the 14km Skyline Divide Trail. This was one of the best bang-for-your-buck hikes I’ve ever experienced — only an hour’s climb until you reached the alpine and could stroll past wildflowers in the sunshine.

IMG_5006 IMG_5007 IMG_5022 IMG_5044

There was still a fair bit of snow around — but the amazing vistas made up for any sloshing around or the occasional lost track.

Mt Baker up close
Mt Baker up close and personal

I’m definitely hoping to get some more hikes in at Mt Baker soon. Any recommendations?

Summer is already filling up fast. We’re planning another trip out to the Rockies, potentially some further-afield camping trips, and a long weekend in Tofino… but I still have my “hit list” for local hikes. Check out my list and let me know — what’s missing? What should we prioritise to make the most of beautiful B.C.C?

  • Garabadli Lake/Panorama Ridge (somehow we still haven’t ticked this off!)
  • Wedgemount Lake
  • St Mark’s Summit
  • BCMC trail
  • Bunzten Lake
  • Mt Rainier
  • The Lions (although I’ve heard it can get sketchy at the top!)
  • Crater Lake

We’re ready to keep exploring all summer!

Happy hikers in the sun!
Happy hikers in the sun!

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