Itchy Feet

Dreaming of sun, sea, and sandy beaches
Dreaming of sun, sea, and sandy beaches… like our 2010 trip to Portugal and Spain

Other than today, it’s been a beautiful start to spring here in Vancouver. Yet even with the sunshine and blue sky, I’m finding myself daydreaming about new adventures in far-flung (or even not so faraway) destinations.  

We’re off to Mexico for a much needed short break at the beach (a real beach! With real waves! In the real sun!) in April and are also planning a week-long sojourn to Yellowstone National Park in late May. Researching vacations is giving me a serious case of itchy feet — I’m just about ready to pack it all in and explore some sun-drenched countryside with Mr Midday Musings.

I'm missing the sun ... an oldie from my old stomping grounds at Tugan on the Gold Coast, Australia
I’m missing the sun … an oldie from my old stomping grounds at Tugan on the Gold Coast, Australia

Here are my top picks for spring travel in the Americas— even if it’s for a completely imaginary trip:

1. The Deep South

Y’all knew this was coming, right? Fried food, amazing countryside, small towns, big cities, quirky people, cowboy hats, green rolling hills… and hot climates! Bring it on. My must sees are Texas, Louisiana (especially New Orleans!),  parts of Tennessee, Charleston in South Carolina (mainly for the food!), and Florida for some quality beach time.

2. Central America and Caribbean 

I’m not necessarily after a lot of adventure for this (mostly imaginary) trip — give me a quiet beach, azure water, sunny skies,  and ok, a drink in my hand, and I’ll be happy. But throw in some volcano hikes, wildlife (sloths and toucans, anyone?), and a coral reef just begging to be explored and I think we may just be able to convince Mr Midday Musings to come along too. My top picks for sun, surf and/or snorkelling are Cuba, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

3. South America

I’m sure no one else would think of visiting Brazil or South America this year, right? World Cup or not, I think I’m more keen on visiting beaches, rainforests, and wine regions than I am hanging out with football hooligans. Chile and Argentina are high on my list, but I’ve heard good things about Colombia’s coastline and Peru’s lesser known hikes, plus surely Rio is a must!

Daydreams aside, I should really start planning for my actual vacations that are coming up… But you might as well distract me. Where else would be ideal for a summery start to spring?


2 thoughts on “Itchy Feet

  1. Soaking up the sun and exploring the reefs and volcanoes in Hawaii would be awesome right now! Also island hopping off the coast of BC would be amazing (our own boat and beautiful sunny skies required…).

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