Gettin’ Cultured on the Crawl

So in my ranting and raving about Vancouver’s beauty I think we can safely assume that this is an outdoorsy, gorgeous, sometimes-looks-fake-because-it’s-so-pretty kind of place. But what about culture? 

I’ll admit that the city of glass isn’t exactly known for it’s architectural gems, stage shows, or cultural coups. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any talent. On the weekend just gone, I enjoyed what I consider the highlight of November — the annual Eastside Culture Crawl.

Somewhat foolishly, Mr Midday Musings and I tried to cram this three-day visual arts, design, and crafts festival into one afternoon. As such, we missed out on quite a bit (ok, most exhibitors) but I can honestly say it was a sensory delight. Last year we checked out ARC and another multi-artist space that I simply can’t recall, and this year we went to the fabulous 1000 Parker Street. I can’t recommend one over the other — every space we went to had a mix of exciting, established, and eclectic artists. I wish I’d read this Scout article before going — next time hopefully we can hit a few more spots!

Rather than writing any more, I’ll share my photos below — because sometimes a picture really does tell a thousand words, even when they’ve been taken on rather shakily on a camera phone.

Furniture comes to life at Judson Beaumont’s Straight Lines Design
Furniture that reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Straight Line Design
A living wall from By Nature Design
Plants become artwork at By Nature Design
Chair, by David Robinson. One of the many spectacular sculptures on display.

3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Cultured on the Crawl

  1. Reading your midday musings around about midday …… this Vancouver sounds like a COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL place !
    Don’t you have a crazy mayor there or something ?
    Love, Gerry

      1. Oh, and I believe you’re thinking of Rob Ford, Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor. Our mayor rides a bicycle and cofounded an organic food company… very Vancouver!

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