Welcome to Canada, eh

So, this is my blog.

I’ve never really been interested in writing a blog. Yes, I’ve made my living as a writer for the better part of a decade. But I learnt long ago that it’s much more interesting to write about other people than myself. Blogging seemed like an exercise in narcissism. And maybe it is.

So why start now?

Basically, I miss writing. Or to be more specific, I miss writing about topics that actually interest me –– which to be fair, is a pretty wide-reaching list: good books, travel, current affairs, the arts, tasty treats, and outdoorsy pursuits.

In the past year, I’ve experienced some pretty amazing things. It would have been cool to write about some of them, and maybe I will. Off the top of my head, in the past 12 months I have:

▪   Quit my job

▪   Moved to Canada

▪   Driven a convertible

▪   Travelled the Californian coastline

▪   Gambled in Las Vegas

▪   Climbed at least three mountains

▪   Skied in two different countries

▪   Seen three bears

▪   Camped in minus-zero conditions

▪   Camped in plus-40 conditions

▪   Celebrated Thanksgiving

▪   Carved a pumpkin

▪   Visited NYC

▪   Attempted ice-skating on Christmas Eve

▪   Cooked a turkey (kind of)

▪   Gone white-water rafting

▪   Ran 10km

▪   Started bikram yoga

▪   Quit bikram yoga

▪   Discovered the joys of pulled pork

▪   Joined a book club

▪   Dressed as a zombie

▪   Danced in the desert

▪   Sat next to celebrities without recognizing them

▪   Cheered on a hockey fight

▪   Decorated an apartment

▪   Attempted DIY

▪   Drove a car in the snow

▪   Pushed a bogged car out of snow

▪   Started post-grad study

▪   Spent a day as a receptionist

▪   Got a job in marketing

▪   Worn a cowboy hat in public

▪   Made a snow angel

▪   Gone out in the sun without getting burnt

▪   Watched a naked bike ride

▪   Relaxed in natural hot springs

▪   Lined up for doughnuts at 3am

▪   Watched Beckham bend it

▪   Found a toadstool

▪   Really understood the joy of sunny day

▪   Went downhill mountain biking

▪   Turned black and blue from above activity


It’s been an awesome year of firsts. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year brings. Welcome, 2013.


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